Sunset Sonata at Centre Pompidou, Paris

  • soloshow
  • MOVE Festival
  • Centre Pompidou
  • 2022

On the occasion of Move festival, the artists produced a new installation that can be perceived as a gradual development following a number of previous projects thematizing labor conditions, framed with an efficiency pressure and chronic exhaustion. So far, the dominant motif of tension leading up to a potential collapse, is replaced by release here. The necessity to slow down, to seek for care and healing has become an obvious answer to the ubiquitous feeling of crisis. The ritual of relaxation is encoded, or rather embodied within the installation on many levels, the most apparent being in the way in which the thin cotton ropes are woven into the metal constructions. A slow gradient of pastel colors is formed as a result of an infusion of tea leaves, used here in a reference to tea’s soothing properties.
Sound performance and track by Jan Tomáš
Curated by Caroline Ferreira and Michal Novotný