Fingertips Dance

  • The series of digital photographs
  • Raum für drastische Maßnahmen
  • Berlin
  • 2021

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During these strange and quiet days, when exhibition spaces are closed and involuntarily move to online platforms, we had to reconsider our initial intentions for this exhibition, and reflect on recent changes in meaning of the term ‘home’.
The series of digital photographs called Fingertips Dance patiently documents our current lockdown dailiness. Fingertips Dance is based on the methods of our customary working process, applying our usual principles in the domestic environment's micro scale, on a very low budget and fully recycled level.
Even though the current circumstances do not indicate better tomorrows, HOME-TOPIA enriched us in new friendships and, at least for a while, provided a peace of mind.
curated by: Barbora Demovičová